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Matt. 21, 1-11
Matt. 26, 20-29
During the period of fasting (Lent), from Ash Wednesday till Easter, Christians prepare for the Easter feast. It doesn't mean eating less but abstaining from things which one likes very much. During this time people think over their lives again.
Easter is the first Sunday that follows the first full moon on
or after the 21st March. Easter can be between 22nd March and 25th April. It is a movable feast. It depends on the
Jewish Pesach or Passover and the moon calendar.


Gospel - Luke
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Easter Story - Gospel According to Matthew - Message
The Easter Story in Pictures - Pupils' works
Easter is the most important Christian Feast. For Christians it doesn't deal with Easter bunnies, but with lots of hope of a new life in a risen Christ.
God made a new covenant with the people. All people who believed in him
would be in the communion between God and man.

(Old Testament: the Prophet Jeremiah speaks about the new covenant:
Jer. 31, 31 f
; New Testament-Paul speaks about it: Ephesians 2, 11-22. Read here, too, about the old covenant in the stories about the fathers, and how God made another covenant with the Israelites and gave them the 10 Commandments.)

God sent his son Jesus Christ into the sinful world to give people the chance
to recognize God and to listen to him.
However they mocked, ridiculed, tormented and finally killed Jesus.
In Jesus' blood, which was shed, there is a new covenant. This covenant includes everybody, even the sinful and those who are burden with guilt because the new covenant includes the forgiveness of sins.
Jesus died for the forgiveness of the sins of all people who believe in him.
Christ died - was buried - arose, and was seen by many people.
God took him back again into his empire and into the eternal life.
Jesus overcame the power of death and shared God's omnipotence.
This shows that not death, but God's love will have the last word.

Because Christians believe in all this, they can celebrate Easter happily
and hopefully.