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About the development
of the Bible-website
and the atb-project

The Bible
About the Bible --- Outline of the Bible
  About the Bible Projekt AtB  
Biblegarden of the Peter-Petersen-School Frankfurt am Main - biblegarden idea
oiltree: Jotham-Fable - Noah
fig tree: Parable of the fig tree - Garden Eden

Water for Life across the Bible - Water Stories in the Bible
about the meaning of 'water' in general and in the Bible --- puzzles for water stories in the Bible ---
water: part of the creation, in the Bible and nowadays

What does the Bible say about violence? Attempts to limit violence
Old Testament: Cain and Able - Scapegoat-system - bloody vendetta - legislation -
10 commandments
New Testament:
Sermon on the Mount

      The Gospel according to Luke
About the development of Gospels, the Evangelists --- Luke, the contents of his Gospel

      The Christmas Story
From the Gospel according to Matthew and Luke --- Christmas message ---
Info about Christmas

The Easter Story
From the Gospel according to Matthew --- Easter message- about the new covenant with God ---
Info about Easter --- Bible-Art and Culture: Symbol 'lamb' - Lamb of God, Isenheim Altar ---
Symbol 'egg'

      Interpersonal Relationships
Love, partnership and sexuality --- about truth and lies --- how to treat strangers ---
to love one's neighbour --- who is without sins.. and forgiveness --- friendship ---
conscience, guilt, forgiveness: Josef stories (OT) and parable of the unmerciful servant (NT)

      Parables and Understanding of Parables
Understanding of Parables --- The Prodigal Son --- The Lost Sheep --- The Lost Coin ---
Parable of the Sower --- The Good Samaritan --- The Workers in the Vineyard ---
Parable of the Unmerciful Servant

      The Fathers - Abraham, Isaak and Jacob
About the old and new covenant/alliance with God

      The Prophets
In general --- Isaiah - Swords to ploughshares - Isaiah's visions of peace --- Jonah

      God's Creation
The Bible and Art: Emil Nolde "The Great Gardener" --- PPS and Nature --- PPS-Biblegarden ---
about the two biblical stories of creation --- picture story about the 7-day-story of creation---
creation-man-progress --- order of creation for man --- little encyclopaedia about creation ---
      water as part of the creation, in the Bible and nowadays