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Luke, who was a doctor, probably wrote his Gospel around 90 AC. He accompanied Paul on his journeys to the gentile Christians. (There are Jewish Christians, too.)

He wrote his Gospel for his parishes which had many gentile Christians. Luke was the third of the  evangelists. (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John)
The four evangelists tell us that with Jesus the Kingdom of God has come close to us and that God loves us. They appeal to us to stick up for peace, justice and reconciliation.

Luke, the author, knew the Gospel according to Mark, and he used other sources for his Gospel, too.  Beside small text collections from different parishes he visited, he used a collection of Jesus’ words such as  the Sermon on the Mount and many parables.

We meet Jesus as the Saviour of the lost,  persons socially deprived of their rights, women and sinners.
In Jesus’ words and deeds we clearly see God’s love to his people.
Love, the serving love (agape), is meant for strangers and enemies, too. (Luke 6,27-3610,25-37)
With it people’s attitude towards wealth and possessions is  put to the test, too. (Luke 12,13-2112, 33ff;  14,12-1416,9-1319,31)
Luke links the story of Jesus with the history of the world (Luke 1,5 2,1f 3,1f) and shows us Jesus as the Saviour of the world (Luke 2,11; 2,32; compare Isaiah 49,6).

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Luke 3, 21-22 Luke 5, 1-11 Luke 5, 17-26 Luke 8, 1-15 Luke 8, 22-25 Luke 22, 14-23 Luke 23, 44-49 Luke 24, 1-12