Across The Bible, across Europe - Quer durch die Bibel, quer durch Europa
Misereor Hungercloth from Haiti by Jacques Chèry
The Haitian painter Jacques Chèry, a religious and trusting Christian, familiar with the biblical scenes, paints the world of the Bible full of the joys of life in a colourfulness which is understood by the people of Haiti. He wants to confront the present world which is experienced and endured by many people with the Christian faith, and grasp it in the light of the Gospels.
What is a
Hunger Cloth ?

In the Middle Ages the altar pictures were covered with cloth during Lent (Easter),
the period of fasting. Persons at prayer were supposed to look at Jesus'
suffering and dying.

Today the 'hunger cloths' are supposed to remind people of the fact that we
all live in one world, that we all belong together and all people are
responsible for this one world.