Across The Bible, across Europe, quer durch die Bibel, quer durch Europa
Even in the Old Testament, in the psalm of creation 8 and in psalms 19, 104 and 139, creation is presented to us as God’s work. In Genesis 1 man gets God’s order to rule the earth. Man is, in the image of God, part of the creation, too, he is God’s representative in the creation and for the creation. It is said: “Subdue the earth.” With this order man doesn’t get carte blanche for unlimited exploitation, but respect for creation and care are also part of this order. This means to cultivate, to protect to save, to create and to keep the earth with loving care. The New Testament, Rome 8, points Christians the way to come into God’s inheritance. Hope for the creation is expressed.
The Order to rule was and is often misunderstood and taken advantage of in the sense of limitless use and exploitation of creation. Increasing environmental crises can be seen, such as destruction of the ozone layer and global warming, with all their consequences for the whole creation, including man.


Understanding and misunderstanding of the order of creation
picture detail - hunger cloth from Haiti by Jacques Chèry
Order of Creation
On the left there are three men of different skin colours who are destroying the earth.  The globe points out to us the global problem of environmental destructions. If man is not stopped, he will fully destroy his earth.
The animals and the whole creation are in danger.
Jesus stands in front of the animals and wants to stop this destruction. He appeals to us to do something for the protection of God's creation.
Jesus is shown as the new Adam. His face is bright like the sun, and he wears a red robe. With the red the painter reminds us of God who will be triumphant, and with the white-yellow colour around his head and the snake-like eyes he reminds us of God who is completely alive. The artist sees Jesus as the guarantor of life for man and the whole creation.