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The seven-day-story of creation in the Old Testament, 1st Moses or Genesis1, is put into the field of myth according to the scientific world view.
In the Old Testament there are two stories of creation: in Genesis 1 (younger) and in Genesis 2 (older).
Even if the Old Testament of the Bible starts with the seven-day-story of creation of the scriptures of the priests, it isn’t the oldest text of the Bible. From the biblical point of view the very beginning, which God has with the world, is demonstrated here.
Probably this story was written during the Babylonian exile (586 to 538 before Christ). In the Babylonian captivity the Israelites got to know the Babylonian myth of Enum Elisch about the creation of the world.
For the Israelites their God was the creator of the world and life (see psalm 8), so  in honour of their only God who was  above the Babylonian Gods, they wrote their own story, in this God works and creates, and for eternal times acts and works. He puts man as his helper on his side (order of creation).
Of course, then people didn’t have our scientific knowledge (even if this is full of gaps). Scientific nature was not their matter, but with the story of creation they wanted to praise God’s majesty and glory. They also wanted to heighten him and show his uniqueness in being and acting, they wanted to dethrone the Babylonian Gods.
The biblical story of creation isn’t in competition with sciences (theory of evolution) because sciences take the measurable and calculable as a basic, but it is about things which are named in the belief in God the Creator. Although there are some inconsistencies in the story of creation it is perceptible that the priests must have had a basic knowledge (in a scientific sense) about creation, because the order of the development of life, as we know it today, can be seen.

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