Aids – God’s punishment?

We say no, aids is not God’s punishment, neither is every illness which
exists. God would never punish a human so hard for his/her faults.

In the Bible aids is never spoken about as, in Jesus’s times, aids wasn’t known.
They talk about blindness, leprosy and other sicknesses. These kinds of
sicknesses were regarded as a punishment of God for ones sins or the sins
of ones forefathers.

In John 9, 1-7, Jesus answers the question of his disciples, “Who is
guilty that he was blind from birth? He himself or his parents?” ”His
blindness is neither the fault of his parents nor his own fault….”
Jesus sees this sickness as a means of revealing God’s miraculous work.

We know that aids is not God’s punishment but it often  results from the
fact  that  people turn away from God and lead their own lives. Some
people punish themselves when they live a very free sexual way of life.
Unfortunately, today many innocent people get involved in it for example
by birth, blood transfusions and other possibilities.

In our opinion Jesus wouldn’t behave in another way towards people who
have aids because Jesus always sees the good in a person and helps them.
Jesus doesn’t search in the past of people for their own faults, but he
sees their future. When he cures people he gives them his intensive love
and care. He lets the outcasts feel his love. He touches people in spite
of the danger of infection for example by the very infectious deadly
leprosy disease. With the curing he enables a better future for them.
The curing was seen physically and psychologically, people saw God’s
action in the curing, and they professed their faith, which meant they
turned their lives around.

There was no aids in the times of Jesus, and we can’t heal just like Jesus
did, but we can show our caring, love and sympathy in our Christian
Charity to people with aids.
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