Across The Bible, across Europe - Quer durch die Bibel, quer durch Europa
In this picture we can find a rich potential of artistic energy. It expresses restraint and contemplation, passion, dream, fantasy and vision.
This is a very touching picture, expressing God and his actions.
Right at the top of the picture there is a plain portrait of the Creator who is the Great Gardener.
(The portrait is considered to be a self-portrait by Nolde.)
God is looking down on his Creation, and it seems that he is breathing life into his plants (scarlet colour), and that he is holding his whole Creation in his arms and touching it with love.
As an observer you feel embraced and taken into the scene, too.
In the Creator’s face we can see a bit of sadness, perhaps his concern about his Creation. He knows that his order to man is often misunderstood and Creation is misused and exploited by man for their own benefits.
Nolde’s painting can be seen as a painted parable for Genesis 1, 28. It opens our eyes and hearts. While looking at the painting God’s order for man given in the story of Creation comes to us:
… Fill the earth and subdue it.
It becomes clear to us what is going on with our environment nowadays. It is an everlasting order for us to protect what God created for us, and to be careful and thankful when taking and using  things from His Great Creation, and to make our very personal contributions for saving Creation to carry out the vision of one intact environment.
The Great Gardener
Emil Nolde