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Matthew 20
That caused bad blood amongst the workers, especially amongst those who had started their work early in the morning. This action was simply outrageous to them.
At the centre of this parable are the working and living conditions of the  people.
In the parable the owner of the vineyard paid each worker the same wage. No matter when these workers had started their work or how long they had worked for him.
What does Jesus want to tell us through this parable? We learn from it that God loves all people in the same way, irrespective of when they became believers. The reward for their God-fearing lives is their admission into the Kingdom of God. God’s love isn’t dependant on any human achievement.
The landowners then decided what wage the workers should get for their hard work.
Jesus’ listeners knew that there were lots of unemployed people who waited at the market place all day for someone who needed workers for his vineyard or fields. Perhaps they, the listeners, themselves had waited there every day too.
Gospel according to Luke
The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard