Online Bible:Matthew 18, 10-14
In this parable we get an insight into people’s world of work.
Then there were only a few jobs such as shepherd. Many people did farming jobs.
The listeners could well imagine how sad a shepherd would be if one of his sheep got lost. This was a huge loss for him. That’s why he went and searched for it for so long till he finally found it.  He shared his joy about it finally with his friends and neighbours.

Here we learn about God’s love for the people or sinners who did bad things. God doesn’t give up on them. He just searches for the lost and shows His compassion for them. The joy about one person who changes his/her life and finds the way to God is bigger than the joy about 99 people who think they live God-fearing lives all the time.
Gospel according to Luke
The Parable of the Lost Sheep