New Testament
Gospel according to Luke
  Luke 22, 14-23          
  The Last Supper  

Taking and sharing become important in the acts of Jesus during the last supper.

Taking  the goblet points out to Jesus’ suffering. Passing on and distributing illustrate Jesus’ community with his disciples. It is symbol for Jesus’ mission and the service that is expected of his disciples in the succession of Jesus. The passing on of Jesus’ goblet, creates a community that is to be seen the news of Jesus’ last supper. – It is a symbol of the future ruling of God, and of the heavenly joyful meal.

Jesus’ death  is  to be seen as a sacrifice standing for our sins. Jesus’ death makes valid God’s new alliance with his people. In the repetition of the meal by us we keep alive the memory of Jesus and his death for our well-being.

Luke doesn’t name the traitor. He leaves the possibility open that every disciple (even you and me) could be the traitor and renegade. Participation in the meal doesn’t guarantee the individual future well-being.

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